Rolling up my pantlegs today

This morning my truck bed was filled about 30-40% full of standing water.  As I pulled out of the driveway and headed uphill, it poured out of the bed, from the bottom, like a dam bursting.

Driving my husband to the train, I created a tidal wave while passing through an enormous pool of water.  I probably displaced Noah and his ark.

The ants have colonized the kitchen and frankly, they can have it.  They outnumber me by 8 zillion to one.  *shudder*

I dumped half of my newly brewed pot of coffee all over my floor and myself.  <—-what?  It’s totally the rain’s fault!!

There are two new leaks in the bedroom, directly above my husband’s side of the bed.

The driveway slants down toward our garage, and we have a large lake of water pooling against sandbags in front of the garage door.  (The garage is also my sewing/crafting workroom, and storage area – if it floods it will be somewhat devastating.)

My daughter has ruined my 20 year old leather jacket by wearing it in the deluge all week.

The birdbath is tilting and about to topple because the ground under it is collapsing.

The dogs are bringing in mud with them at every opportunity.

The cat is like a dread-locked tribble in a bad mood.

People in L.A. drive like snails on crack when it rains for more than twenty minutes – the freeways are tortuous.

And yet….

I still love the rain.

Except now I’m out of coffee.


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2 Responses to Rolling up my pantlegs today

  1. Charlie Essers says:

    For the first time I am glad I'm not your husband. 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the coffee.

  2. Luckily, he was able to fix the leak yesterday in the late afternoon….sorta… It is REALLY coming down again today – I keep waiting to hear that horrible drip-drip-drip again. Eek.

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