You, then

Here I am, removed,
Looking down, from my precipice
Of steep and hardened stone
Built by stacking years of aching time
Between you then and me now

This trench of loss cuts deep
And shakes my calm façade
Earthquake memories expose
Gaping maws of wincing pain,
Like floes of broken glass

On my embattled ledge
I stand and watch the fiery hurt –
It passes close, like burning breath,
To test my hard-fought mettle
And tempt me with unknowns

I think of how we said we’d be
Lifetimes dreamt and nests we’d build
Intangible losses still so real
And from my aerie perch I see
How I lost what I never had

With steel resolve I open my wound
Examine this piece of you in me
A blackened thorn now shining sharp
With facets of raw reflection and
Flaws in every spark of light

It’s pretty enough to wonder at
But hard enough to cut through time
I close my wound up tight around
Accepting your contribution, then,
To a me that loves him now

Down I walk, my graveled path
And let the walls fall down
Leave behind the stony fort
To guard the ghostly pangs that haunt
While on I move into the light


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