The National Endowment for the Arts


O, Sarah Palin.

How often I’ve called you dumb as a box of rocks.

But that’s not really an apt description for what you are.

You’re more mobile and way more harmful.

Like a scorpion, blindly and stupidly lurking in dark corners, waiting for your chance to strike any likely target, bringing a scalding, oozing new wound into public rhetoric every time you open your stupid mouth.

Who do you think takes your picture (too often), who puts you on TV (ad nauseum), if not some former film or photography student? Did you think that the NEA is only about fine sculpture and oil paintings, you backwards runt? Who do you think did the graphic design for your Map of America with targets sighted over states opposed to your political leanings? An art student, you ignoramus. Would you even exist if there weren’t a bushel of artists supporting your efforts to trash any female politician’s chance of ever being taken seriously?

O dear. Maybe I’ve made the argument for you…. and art *should* be considered frivolous….

But NO. Because that is only the ass end of art. Thank goodness. The NEA also gives our country government-funded arts programs that produce sublime dance, poetry, and of course, paintings. Music and theater. Graphic design, film and photography that make us cry in the GOOD way, because they are ART and not the tools of a trashy backwoods ignoramus. REAL ART, the value of which you plainly have no understanding. Do you not READ – EVER? Art sparks our brains, you great mistake of a human. Without art, we would not be humans with culture, we would be animals. Perhaps you’d relate better to us if we were all animals, but that’s not really my cup of tea.

The National Endowment for the Arts is but a wee slice of the American economic package – perhaps Alaska would like to give back all it’s government funding? O wait – you don’t represent Alaska anymore because you’re a quitter and a media whore. There is no way that the NEA’s funding is frivolous when it employs over 5 and a half million people, you dipshit.

So, I would ask us to please not lift a finger to harm The Grand Farcetress. The last thing we need is a martyred Sarah Palin. Rather, lift our voices like razors and lance the swollen Palimple that is festering hotly, like cancer, on our collective butt. Let her ignorant puss-filled vitriol go down the drain with the slimy hairballs, where it belongs, followed by a bleach chaser.


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