Happy phobic?

When people are excited, why do other people tell them to calm down? Especially, when it’s a happy excited?

Someone is bouncing-off-the-walls happy, in anticipation of something, and people around them say stuff like – “No more coffee for you!” or “Chill out” or “What’s the matter with you?”. Usually in the guise of a joke at the excited person’s expense, so it’s not too harsh, but it’s still the first reaction most people have to someone else’s slightly-over-the-top excitement: to curb the excited person’s enthusiasm.

Has it really become that uncomfortable for us to witness someone else’s outside-the-acceptable-volume happiness and mirth?

Shouldn’t our first reaction be: I wanna play too! What can I do that will make me so happy I can’t contain my joy?

Why does exuberance breed temperance? Why doesn’t it more often inspire sparkling exuberance in others rather than the need to squash joy?

Why is Happy so scary?


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One Response to Happy phobic?

  1. Lisa says:

    A thought… some people have a need to control their surroundings, and if they are feeling uncomfortable with someone else’s behavior, they react. Personally, I could be more reactive than I am, and I tend to giggle too often, but I try to enjoy the moment.

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