Hi there.

My name is Oscar.

I come from eastern Kansas. As you can see, I am quite handsome and important.

My story is a little bit … disjointed. I had at least one other owner before I landed in the caring hands of Corgi Connection of Kansas and my wonderful foster mom & dad in Lawrence. I used to guard chickens. I was a very impressive chicken keeper, I can tell you. But, I started dragging a hind paw and my owners thought I was suffering. In came CC of K and my foster parents. They took me in and got me poked by all sorts of folks in white lab coats. They even took pictures of my behind in this big machine called an MRI. Embarrassing.

After a while, I was no longer able to use my back legs. The folks in white lab coats diagnosed me with something called Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). I also have a little arthritis in my spine. You know – it happens.

I don’t feel the least bit sorry for myself. Know why? Because everyone loves me. I’m friggin’ adorable. Duh.

Plus, you may have noticed, I have a spiffy set of wheels that I cruise around on. It’s how I roll. Thanks to CC of K, my foster folks, and Corgi Aid, Inc. – I got that loaner set of wheels and I never looked back! Not only that. I also had a good buddy in residence at my foster folks’ house, little miss Pie. I mean, sure, she was a young whippersnapper, but she sure did keep me on my toes!

My foster folks had me for eight months and saw me through some of the hardest changes in my eight-almost-nine years of life. I will never forget them or my good friend, Pie. In fact, since they are super friends with my new mom, I will get to see them on visits! Which brings me to the next part of my story: my adoption! My foster mom worked with the neat lady at The Daily Corgi and they told my story to the whole wide world. There were a few nibbles, but my forever home took a while to happen.

A few weeks ago, this really nice lady came to visit my foster folks in Kansas. She’s from California. She’s kind of weird. But, boy, I tell ya – I could tell I had her from the minute she walked in the door. I worked my charms like the true professional charmer I am. Sure enough, she decided to find out if she could take me home with her. (I slept by her side and snuggled my nose up against her, just to make sure she was really hooked. Romance ’em, that’s my motto.)

Next thing I knew, I was being loaded into her truck and we set off on a big adventure! She drove and I rode. For more than 2200 miles. Let me tell ya, I didn’t let her out of my sight. She made sure to give me frozen green beans and she even got some sweet potatoes and squash from the baby food aisle so I could have it with my kibble and feel secure, while we traveled. I was really glad that Pie let me take my stuffed chicken with me, I kept it close by as I watched the country fly by.

When we got to Arizona, I got to meet my new gramma. She easily succumbed to my masterful use of charm. What can I say? It’s a gift. I also met my grampa and their dog and cat. But, best of all, I met my kids! Turns out – my gramma and grampa were watching the kids while mom traveled. So the final day of travel, from Arizona to California, I got to snuggle with my new kids! I didn’t know if it was possible to be a happier dog, I gotta say. THEN, once we got to sunny So Cal, I found out I also had a new dad! Turns out, I could be a happier dog!!

Ooh ooh! And a giant fat kitty to play with. And a big goofy old dog too! It just keeps getting better in California!

The kitty follows us on our walks. I think he thinks he’s a dog too. He’s the same size as me, so I don’t think I’ll tell him otherwise. The big dog and me, we’re still getting used to each other, but he’s kinda dumb and sweet, so I feel confident I’ll win him over. He seems especially happy that I’m around because mom gives him more treats now.  Mom’s a little overprotective of me. She says, “Big Daddy is a big ol’ boy and we don’t want him accidentally smashing Oscar!” So, we’re letting the relationship blossom slowly. It’s okay. I’m very charming, in case you didn’t know.

So, that’s my story! I’ve got a forever home with a happy family in beautiful Southern California. My mom takes me on three or four walks a day, we go to the farmer’s market, and this town loves dogs! There are lots of outdoor patios at the restaurants here. I really like the coffee shop and the park. There are always kids at the park – kids always get mom to give me extra treats. It’s a win-win situation.

Mom is looking into various organizations she and I can work with so I can become a therapy dog. I think that means I’ll get more treats, so I’m pretty excited about that too. Mom already started trying out recipes for non-fat homemade dog treats and she lets me have lots of veggies and some fruits. My favorite day was when she took me to the pet store and got me this:

That’s when I knew: I’m HOME.

I’m settling in now. I love to put my head right under dad’s recliner, so he has to crab walk out of his chair to avoid smooshing me. It makes me doggy-laugh every time. Mom got me a new raccoon toy that crinkles and squeaks. I like to keep it under a paw when I sleep. The chicken stays under my head, like it should. (That’s where chickens go.) I also love to hang out with my kids in their rooms. They take me for walks too. I’m getting loads of exercise!

And that’s the very last piece of my story! Thanks again to Corgi Aid and their cooperative effort with Llyr‘s mom, I got myself a new set of wheels!! They are made to order, just for me! Mom says I can really run in them! I really like my new wheels – they make me smile.

Now my loaner wheels can go back to Corgi Aid and another corgi can benefit from them. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for wheels. I know it’s the kind of gift that all corgis deserve. I may have chewed on the stirrups a little… but my loaner cart works great and it’s ready for a new home!

Well, there you have it. Mom and I really enjoy talking to people when we’re out and about, but neither of us understands when people feel sorry for me. I’m doing great! I’m not in pain and my soul is happy. Plus… I may be a little bit spoiled…

Nahhhh!!! Life is just how it’s supposed to be. Adieu, for now, my friends. And good night.


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15 Responses to Hi there.

  1. Katie says:

    Most excellent! 🙂

  2. Daniel Payton says:

    Wonderful story and wonderful lesson on how to live…beautifully told!

  3. Whitney says:

    Thank you for sharing your story, Oscar!! Lots of Corgi Love from North Dakota!

  4. Jeanette DeMars says:

    Couldn’t be happier for you Oscar and kuddos to Gretchen!

  5. Beautiful story…beautifully told…for a beautiful dog & his family…Congrats to your new life, Oscar!

  6. Christine says:

    Absolutely beautiful story.. you and your family will be blessed tremendously, if you’re not already. Thank you for sharing.. Congrats on the new home Oscar!

  7. Judy Ingram says:

    Such a sweetie pie. I have enjoyed having corgis in my life since the 1990’s. I love there natures and personalities. Good vibes little Oscar. Corgi on! Judy in Muncie In

  8. Kelli grant says:

    What a wonderful happy story- good luck to you Oscar- so happy that you found your forever family & have the great life you deserve !

  9. Kate says:

    Oscar, your story made me tear up a little bit. So glad you found your forever home.

  10. Thank you, all.

    Oscar is indeed a gift. 🙂


  11. xstitchmama says:

    I am so glad you found your forever home Oscar! God bless you and your family. ♥
    Tracey and Ginger in NC

  12. Amy Deisher says:

    Oh Oscar you are beautiful! I am so thrilled and happy that you are getting the K9 Cart company East cart in Llyr’s honor. Roll on dear boy and i hope your new cart brings you a wonderful quality of life and as much fun as Llyr’s cart did for him. I know he is watching over you and smiling. He is your angel now too. Bless you Oscar and your new Mom too! Many Corgi hugs! Amy, Awstin and Angel Llyr

    • Oscar is indeed one lucky corgi. I can say, without hesitation, that he is so thankful to Llyr and to you, Amy, for your kind and generous gift of love. Thank you so much. ❤


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