Skipping home, the last block, is optional. ☼

This was my run today. I live in a very hilly area, and have no problem finding hills. If you aren’t so lucky, find a neighborhood, preferably one with some pretty houses you can look at, and go for it. My town already thinks I’m nuts, so I don’t really care if they see me skipping. You may be glad you had to drive out of town. 😉

Notes: When doing plyometrics, or any jumping, please remember to be smart. Especially out in the world, rather than in a gym. Watch for cars. Make sure your area is clear of debris – even a small pebble can turn an ankle painfully. Bounce down into the depth jump, and spring back up on the balls of your feet. (Minimize ground contact.) Plyometrics are dynamic strength builders, but remember that you are still trying to get your run in too. If you notice any twinges or your back becomes tired, finish your run normally and skip ( <– ha!) the rest of the plyo insertions. As an added bonus, if you are feelin’ feisty, today I would jump straight up and down five times, on the balls of my feet, before switching up my intervals. Wheee!! And I skipped home the last block. It was 84 degrees today… I was very sticky after this. Good stuff.

Most important: HAVE FUN. Get sunshine. Be free.


Skipping home, the last block, is optional. ☼

(Joyful Running I by Myrabee)

CAVEAT: I am not a professional trainer, coach or athlete. I’m just a regular gal who trains for triathlon and other events. Please use common sense and don’t get hurt. I’m not a doctor, I can’t tell you if you’re fit enough to do specific movements. But I definitely don’t want anyone to get hurt, so be your own best coach and only do the above workout if you feel like changing up your run a bit and you are physically fit enough to do so. This is simply me sharing my feeling that exercise, even hard exercise, should be joyful. ❤ ☼

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