Sometimes it’s the destination AND the journey.

Dragged my husband all the way down to Seal Beach, early in the morning yesterday, for training. He biked while I went on my 18 miler. Made this decision after last week’s 16.5 mile run, which wasn’t pretty. I had changed my route because I knew I had more miles to run and wanted to try out something different – but that doesn’t change the fact that anytime I run out my front door, the bulk of my run is on city streets. Traffic and traffic lights, and humanity in general, can create multiple obstacles in a long run, which can create a lot of mini stop-starts. This causes you to constantly re-find your pace, etc. Very tough on the legs (and your training averages). I got to the end of the 16.5 miles and my legs were toast. I declared then that this week’s long run would be on a beach trail and that was that. That way I knew that I could JUST RUN, no stops and starts, at a constant pace. Also, it would better approximate my marathon conditions for July 4th at the Foot Traffic Flat.

Guess what? Despite my husband’s doubts – he did not think it would be worth it to drive an hour down and back just to go run – it worked out great. I had an awesome 18 mile run, from Sunset Beach (basically Seal Beach) to Huntington Beach and back again. The entire run I was able to watch surfers and beach volleyball, waves and happy dogs splashing in them. The weather was incredible and I was FULLA JOY! My husband had an awesome time biking the path and then biking PCH. When we got back to the truck, I had ice packs, clean clothes, fluids and nutrition waiting for us. Today, we both feel great.

100% worth it.

Takeaway: Always find ways to make your training miles work for you. Period.


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