You take the good, you take the bad.

The Bad™:

A) My Oscar isn’t doing so well. We’ve had a few vet visits lately and it would seem that his DM has officially progressed. He’s been struggling with incontinence over the last couple of months, and this last couple of weeks he’s in a constant state of discomfort. Additionally, he’s no longer using his front legs for much of anything. He refuses to walk in his cart. When you put him in it his front legs just flop out in front of him, though, if you pull him gently he’ll walk with you. But not for long. So he’s losing the use of his front legs now. And finally, his arthritis is affecting him more noticeably too. I’ve had him catheterized a few times to relieve the pressure on his bladder, but the vet thinks that his bladder is overstretched and his loss of mobility is making is impossible for him to tone it up enough to keep it emptied. We’ve got him on his usual pain medication plus a new anti-inflammatory, for the arthritis. But he is uncomfortable all the time.

I know because he whines. All day. All night. Just whines quietly, under his breath. And sometimes, he’ll even yelp a bit or whine loudly. It’s not just because he’s hurting. In fact, the anti-inflammatory really seems to be helping his arthritis pain. He is obviously distressed because he doesn’t want to potty in the house, though we’ve had diapers on him for two months now. A dog doesn’t understand the concept of diapers. He just knows he’s not supposed to potty inside, so he gets completely stressed out about it. But he is on a constant dribble. With his disabilities, we can’t leave him outside in his cart for long periods of time. He just doesn’t get emptied outside and it’s not an option to let him pee all day in the house, so – yes. He’s in diapers, he doesn’t get it, and it’s stressing him out that he always has to go to the bathroom. Though I can help him express the urine to a point, he is always feeling the urge. Plus, he won’t walk anymore (not even for treats!) and without his front legs working, it’s much harder to give him water therapy. He really just wants to be inside, within three feet of me preferably, ALL THE TIME. He hates going outside; he yips, whines and seal-barks the whole time. He is getting almost no exercise, despite my best efforts. This means he’s gained two pounds on top of everything else. For a small dog with limited mobility, that’s not good.

My Oscar is making me truly worried and sad. 😦

B) We are going to a funeral this weekend. My husband’s grandfather. Seems like there have been so damn many funerals lately. It seems as though I only recently adjusted to the idea that I had a father on Father’s Day, and now, the first Father’s Day after he’s gone, I’ll be at a funeral.  This is not the way I would have chosen to spend that day…

The Good™:

1) The farmer’s markets are full of summer fruit now. Peaches! Cherries! O yes.

2) Training is going very well and I am so excited about my upcoming marathon!

3) My kids are out of school and I absolutely LOVE that. ❤

4) Am writing and rehearsing again.

Taking the good and the bad together and I will just keep swimming. Like you do. ☼


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2 Responses to You take the good, you take the bad.

  1. Lisa B says:

    So sorry Oscar is having such a rough time. He has been so happy to be part of your family, and he has had a lot of love and good care. What a sweet boy. Your training schedule, and the fact that you are concentrating efforts on being musical is inspirational!

  2. Katie Howard says:

    Poor Oscar. I’m so sorry. Give him a hug for me. ❤

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